Paint Swatch Vocabulary:

Before Reading:
Students will be given paint swatches from the hardware store. Each of the students will need to write the given vocabulary words on the top section of the paint swatch.
They will then find the definition in a dictionary, textbook, computer, or the book given and write it in the middle section.
After Reading:
Students will go through and write a sentence based on what they have learned about the word. They should also include the page number they found the information on.
Remediation: Students will draw a picture of the vocabulary word, rather than write a sentence based on what they have learned.

Word Search Vocabulary:

Students will complete a hidden word search. The students will be given the definition of the word and need to use knowledge to find the word in the puzzle.

Remediation: Students will be given the definition and the word if needed.

Sticky Note Vocabulary:

Students will have needed to study the vocabulary words given on a list before coming to class. The words will be reviewed in the previous class.

Students will be given seven sticky notes to begin the activity. I will have a seven pieces of butcher paper around the room with definitions on them. On the board I will have a list of vocabulary words the students will be studying throughout the book. Students will be instructed to write the words on the back of the sticky note (the side with the sticky, so there is no cheating). On the front of each sticky note the student should write his or her name.

As a class, students will walk around the room and place the word with the proper definition. They will be graded on this activity therefore students should be careful when placing the words on the paper.

Once everyone has completed placing their sticky notes on the paper, I will review the definitions of the words.