Writing Activity 1
Students will create a “Missing Ad”. They will choose a mammal from the book “Mammals” and create an ad describing their missing animal. They will need to use as many details as possible, so their animal can be located. Students will also need to use many describing words, to make the animal as well known as possible.
Writing Activity 2
Students will write a “What If” story. Students will start their paper with “what if” and continue to write about anything that has to do with Birds. They will use the book, “Birds”. They will write no less that three paragraphs. This paper should include supporting details to their main topic.

Writing Activity 3
In this writing, students will write a letter to their parents. This letter should include may facts that use expressive language to persuade their parents to let you get that pet. They will use this letter to express their true love for the animal. They will be able to pick the animal out of the “What is an Amphibian” book.